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The 3 pillars of our Philosophy

Christian NAVEAU takes care of the family vineyard according to a philosophy based on three pillars: Sustainable Viticulture, Chardonnay and the Maturity of our wines.

Sensible and sustainable viticulture to ensure a future for our vineyard and our wines of Champagne

A Word from Christian

"Since 1988, I have taken over our small family farm located in the Côte des Blancs. I am particularly attached to this vineyard because most of these plots were planted and grafted by my father on his return from the war. Since then, I have been bringing an ecological and responsible dimension to this magnificent vineyard and am proud to present mature champagnes that are the results of our days spent in the vines."

Champagne Naveau Craie Viticulture durable sustainable


We grow our vines and our grapes using integrated and sustainable viticulture techniques, respecting environment and people.

Chardonnay Cote des Blancs Champagne Naveau


The king of the Côte des Blancs accounts for more than 90% of our vineyard and its finesse is the signature of our Champagnes.

Champagne Naveau Cuvee Symphonie Blanc de Blancs


All our Champagnes age for at least 36 months on their lees to offer you remarkable quality and maturity when opened and tasted.


Respect for the Earth and the Living

For several years now, we have been applying sustainable viticulture, respectful of the soil and living organisms through several commitments such as the total elimination of insecticides for more than 15 years, plowing to preserve rich and living soils and then grassing our plots to preserve fauna and flora and avoid soil erosion. 

Zero insecticide

Zero insecticide Champagne Naveau Chardonnay ladybug

For more than 12 years, we have no longer used any insecticides, thus reducing the inputs of chemicals into our wines.

Soil ploughing

Labour des sols Champagne Naveau

We plough our soils for our newly planted plots in order to encourage rich and lively soils.


Enherbement gras cover champagne naveau vignoble

The grassing of the plots favors local fauna and contributes to the development of a natural ecosystem.


Chardonnay mon Amour

Located in the Côte des Blancs, our vineyard is naturally composed mainly of Chardonnay, covering more than 90% of our surface area. We work on 28 plots representing 9 micro-terroirs that contribute to the magic of the blend. The finesse and complexity of Chardonnay, when it is mature, are the signature of our cuvées. 


Chardonnay Cote des Blancs Naveau Champagne

Delicate aromas with floral, citrus or honey notes. In the blends, it brings finesse and minerality. Ideal for prolonged wine ageing. 

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir Champagne Naveau

With its red fruit aromas and assertive personality, it brings body and power to the blends, giving them great vinosity.


Meunier Champagne Naveau

It produces supple and fruity wines that evolve more quickly. In blends, it brings a gourmet roundness to wines intended to be tasted younger.


A maturity acquired in the Cellar

All our Champagnes wait patiently for several years before being tasted. Our cuvées remain in the cellar for at least 36 months, which is more than twice the minimum duration in Champagne. Our more exclusive vintages are waiting for your tasting even longer, 60 months for our "Demain" cuvée and up to 120 months for our "Rhapsodie" cuvée.

The alchemy of the perfect Assemblage

Vin Clair cave champagne Naveau

Our Champagnes are 100% made from Cuvée (first juice, the highest quality), then the clear wines are tasted to create the best possible blends.

Prolonged maturation on lees

Cave bouteilles sur lattes champagne Naveau

After the Assemblage and then foaming, our Champagnes continue to be shaped in bottles or magnums thanks to a prolonged maturation in contact with the lees.



Cuvee Demain post degorgement extra brut

After disgorging, it is advisable to give the wine time to rest from this turbulent operation for several months or even several years.

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